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Wedding Day Preparation for the Bride

Wedding Day Preparation for the Bride

Wedding Day Ready

As a stylist of ten years I’ve experienced many wedding days. Specifically the getting beautiful part of the day. I’ve seen lackadaisical bridesmaids in no hurry to sit in the hair chair on a time crunch. I’ve seen mother of the brides so excited that they can’t handle their emotions, and I’ve seen bridesmaids who are pickier than the bride. I’m not writing to complain. I’m letting you know that there is repetition of the same occurrences somewhere down the line of each bridal party. I’m so use to these situations, and I love it. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be writing this to help future brides. It has been really cool to see the different bridal parties over the years, and notice that even though they are unique they still have similar wedding day challenges. To avoid any confusion and cut down on added stress I’d like to share some helpful advice that may keep your mind at ease.


Make a Schedule

First, it’s important start the initial count on how many people are getting hair and/or make up. I would designate your most organized bridesmaid to take the initiative in making a schedule for the day of the wedding. Put your early risers first and your not-so-early risers at the end of the list. Keep in mind that you want to put your pickiest person towards the end of the day. We all know that one person who is going to fuss with every piece, so it’s important not to hold up the line if you only have a few hours to get ready. Make sure the early risers are prompt and get right in the chair. We have to be proactive today, because before you know it three hours have passed and the photographer is here. (Especially if mimosas are involved).


Hair Preparation

After a schedule is put in place email it to each bridesmaid attached with a list of things to do before the day of the wedding. Now some stylists like “dirty” hair, but it depends on how dirty it is. It’s definitely not a good idea to show up with extremely oily hair, because those curls will just be weighed down and flop by the end of the night. I would encourage shampooing and using little conditioner with the use of texturizing spray to give it aide for preparation. Let the hair air dry into its natural form. If you want to wear it curly do not straighten it first. Please inform the wedding party that dry hair is essential and will make the getting ready process quicker. Don’t worry. There is always one bridesmaid who shows up with wet hair. If the bridesmaid is getting a blow dry style it’s totally acceptable to show up with wet hair. Your faithful stylist is prepared and has a blow dryer on back up. Just allow more time in case that happens. Your list can look like this:

Bride Requests: Group or individual hair arrangement (circle)

Stylist Requests:

Please shampoo and follow with light conditioner the day before

         Let hair air dry or quick dry with blow dryer (updos and curls)

No flat ironing the hair if you’re getting it curled

Bring hair accessories

Pick a hairstyle off Pinterest or google for inspiration

Please give me one weeks’ notice if you decide to drop out

Notice at the top of the list I listed “Group or individual arrangement”. Some bridesmaids may have their own personal hairstylist they prefer. It’s up to the bride to decide if she will let everyone go their own way with that, but remember to make sure they are ready by a certain time. I would suggest 30 minutes before the actual time.


Google Hair Inspiration

Lastly, discuss with your party what kind of hairstyle you want them to have, or suggest they look online for a couple of pictures. This helps tremendously making the job easier for the stylist. Extensions can be done before the wedding. Make an appointment for a consultation 3 weeks before the wedding, order the hair from the salon, and get it put in a week before the wedding if its fusion or tape-in. Clip-ins can be put in the day of. Keep in mind your mom is going to want to do something funky like put fake hair clip in. Don’t worry every mother of the bride or groom gets a little kooky on this particular day. She’ll probably ask everyone if she looks ok a million times, and she’ll be really talkative and unsure of everything. You are not alone. I find myself telling the bride “It’s not just your mother who gets anxious like this.” Remember they are just as excited and nervous as you. You have to breathe, laugh, and let go. A majority of brides are dealing with the same situations.

          You are not alone. Assign tasks, list hair responsibilities, and make a schedule.